A week lasting summer package designed for those who want to do things the local way, connect with nature, experience the northern wilderness and get to participate in the most enjoyable and recreating outdoor activities with your local guide going with you for two days of hiking, two days of canoeing AND hiking, one day of fishing and one optional day in the end. Distance of the walks/canoe trips varies from 14-18 km / 6-7 h and they´re planned so that you will get to see different types of forests and changing habitats during these days.

By this tailor-made tour, you´ll truly get a glimpse of the way of life too as you will be visiting a private reindeer farm and see the newly born calves and their mothers close-by, you´re guided by a local person from the Hossa village and spend the first 4 nights at the rustic and off-grid Wilderness Lodge (detailed info here), truly enjoying the simple, Finnish cottage life.

Visiting the must see-natural wonders of the Hossa National Park area (the Colored Rock, Julma-Ölkky canyon), enjoying the traditional wood-heated sauna and tasting some local wild foods are integral parts of this trip.

Families, couples, groups of friends and individual passengers will all find this a nice combination of private comfort and spending time together as a group, because while there’s a daily group activity/dinner included, there´s still time to do your own thing and relax by yourself in your room if you wish. A certain level of physical condition is required for trip, here´s the itinerary in more detail.

Credits Yuri Andries

Credits Yuri Andries


21st June – 28th June

28th June – 5th July

5th July – 12th July

2nd August – 9th August

9th August – 16th August

23rd August – 30th August

13th September – 20th September

20th September – 27th September

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What’s included in my trip price?

We have wanted to make it easy for our guests and have included everything in the price. This means 4 nights at the Wilderness Lodge, 1 night camping, 2 nights in a cabin/apartment in the Hossa village, three meals a day, all transfers and airport pick up / drop off, luggage transfers, equipment rentals (sleeping bag, camping mattress, tent, canoes, fishing equipment), admissions and the expertise of your local guide from the welcome till the farewell.

Requests concerning special diets/allergies are fulfilled when given well before the trip. The food that is served is strongly relayed on local ingredients and many times the dinners consist of potatoes cooked in different ways and served with seasonal local fish, vegetables or meat. Pasta and rice is commonly on the menu too and salad is always served on the side. Coffee/tea is available on all meals.

Breakfast includes fruit, yogurt, muesli, berries, jam, eggs, bread with cold-cuts, cheese and vegetables + coffee and tea of course. Lunches are served mostly outside by the fire and they include soups, sausages, pastries and sandwiches with varying options.

You will have the chance to buy soft and alcoholic drinks during your stay.

We reserve the right to make changes to the itinerary.

NOT INCLUDED: Flights, personal travel insurance

Other info:

All the guaranteed departures are meant for individual passengers, couples, families and groups of friends so anyone can participate. All you need to do is to book yourself a suitable flight/bus/train ticket to the agreed meeting point (booking needs to be confirmed before buying the tickets!), we come pick you up from there and take care for the rest.

We want to encourage you to book more people all at once and give a discount as follows:

• When booking 4-5 people, you pay 1180€/person
• When booking 6-8 people all at once, you pay 1100€/person

How do I pay?

After receiving the booking, you need to pay a service fee of 100€/person and it needs to be paid within 7 days to confirm you´re place on the tour. This is done preferably by bank transfer, payment and other details (list of things you should have with you) will follow in a message you receive within 48 hours.

Passenger may cancel the tour without special reason as follows:

– No later than 14 days prior to departure by paying the service fee 100€

– Later than 14 days but no later than 48 hours prior to departure by paying 50% of the total price .

– If the tour is cancelled later than 48 hours prior to departure, the tour operator has the right to charge the full price of the tour.

There´s separate guidelines for a cancellation due to a major occurrence, which are listed in the Consumer agency´s “General term for package tours”. Hossa Travel complies with these terms and conditions.

Send us an e-mail and let´s create an unforgettable wilderness experience together!


This is a tour organized by a third party ( We are not responsible in case of injury or loss. Booking this trip through Forest To Plate will get you a Free 50 EU Discount which you can use on all future Forest To Plate activities.

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