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6 day Local farming and Wild plants in Nepal (all year round, private groups only)

Nepal is known for its beautiful landscapes, trekking and much more. But the most interesting to us is the local lifestyle of the people high up in the mountains.

This 6 day adventure takes you to local communities of the tourist track. You will live like locals do and experience the traditional rural farming lifestyle.

Feeding animals, milking cows, picking wild edible plants, learning how to farm, how to make butter, ghee, yoghurt, alcohol, how to cook, and enjoy the most delicious organic food you have ever eaten. 

These communities are disappearing by the day, thats why we think some extra help will hopefully help them to support their day to day life.


  • Day 0: Arrival in Kathmandu, Pick up at airport, and brought to your hotel. ( Food in hotel/outside hotel not included)

  • Day 1: Departure after breakfast. Your Guide Ashok will be there. Depending on the group, traveling by local bus or private car is recommended. 

    Arrival in Dhading Besi, where you will go and eat your last restaurant meal for the coming days. 

    After lunch, a small hike starts towards a local Woman who owns a couple of cows, goats, and has an organic garden. 

    Depending on the season, activities will be different, but milking cows and drinking delicious hot milk is certainly included. 

    At night, there is a last walk down to the fishponds, where you can drink a local alcohol made from a wild flower that is gathered in the area. 

  • Day 2: In the morning, plants will be gathered for the animals, and after an organic breakfast straight from the garden, you will go up the mountains to even more remote areas. 

    Your hike will stop in the Guide's village. Here all sorts of rural activities will take place.  

  • Day 3: After Breakfast, You will hike even more up and stay with 2 families who's life depend on the food they grow and the plants they find. 

    Here you will be explained how to make buttermilk, butter, milk, yoghurt, how to pick plants in nature and all sorts of rural activities.

  • Day 4: Live the rural lifestyle and enjoy the peacefulness of the mountains.

    Visit to the local blacksmith who provides all the tools needed for the rural lifestyle. 

  • Day 5: Morning hike before sunset to the top of the mountain and enjoy the view. 
    Come back and learn how to make Naan/chapati

    Collecting of wild plants and learning how to make traditional plates from leaves you can find in the forest. 

  • Day 6: Goodbye village after a traditional ceremonial blessing. 

    Slowly walk back to the city and take bus to Kathmandu.

    Your guide will bring you back to the Hotel, where this trip ends. 


  • Price asked for this trip is €599 per person, which includes all accommodation and food outside of Kathmandu ( Not in Hotel). A pick up from and to Kathmandu airport is also included. 
  • You will live like a local, so be prepared to leave behind your daily comfort. No hot showers, No Western toilets, no matras, no... 
  • Food is traditional Nepali and includes Dairy and Weed. 
  • All Additional information will be communicated with our local organization who will take care of you and all your questions.
  • The Forest To Plate organization is not responsible for any loss or injury, so please make sure you have a travel and or health insurance. 
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