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Forest To Plate in Nepal this Summer

Bringing wild food from the Nepali Jungles, to the heart of Kathmandu. 

Pictures taken 2 years ago in Nepal. Local people showing me wild plants and products. 

Traditional Foraging for wild products is like everywhere around the world in a serious decline. 

When some Nepali entrepreneurs opening up a new restaurant in the capital asked me to design the Concept. I was Thrilled. 

The Job: Find Local foragers, local suppliers, ancient recipes, design new recipes with local plants and train new Foragers in how to give workshops on the subject. 

And last but not least: Set up wild edible tourism in Nepal. 

The one month period I will be doing all of this will be hectic, but the result will be amazing: 

Safeguarding traditional knowledge that is fading away all over the country. 

All your help and information is welcome!